Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry can transform the appearance of your smile by blending artistry and proven cosmetic treatments that can address misshapen, crooked, and damaged teeth.


One popular solution to extensive tooth loss is to have a partial or full denture placed. The prosthetics consist of a row of natural-looking teeth that rest on a strong, pinkish-red acrylic resin base.

Dental Emergency

If you are in severe pain, experiencing ongoing bleeding, or in need of saving a tooth, the doctors of Napa Family Dental can provide prompt and comprehensive care to relieve your pain and restore oral health.

Dental Implants

Traditional restorations are a great option for replacing lost teeth, but the restorations require regular adjustments and are prone to slipping. Any prosthetic that is supported by an implant will be incredibly stable.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is sometimes referred to as teeth bleaching, and we have solutions for your specific budget, goals, and expectations.

Sedation Dentistry

There are many reasons that a patient may benefit from the calming effects of sedation dentistry. Some patients have a low pain threshold, meaning that even treatments for cavity removal can be stressful.